Altar Server & Sacristan

Altar Server

Our Altar Servers are a part of our Liturgical Ministry Team. They assist the priest in serving at Mass. This ministry is open to people of all ages. We have servers as young as 3rd grade... and as old as they wouldn't care to admit! Young children can even serve with their parents or grandparents.

Weekend servers are scheduled according to their preferences - usually assigned to a particular weekend each month.

Adult servers are needed to serve daily Masses as well as funerals.

All servers receive a one-on-one session(s) with our trainer, and begin serving with an experienced minister.

If interested, call the Parish Office at 468-7848. 

Altar Server Trainer

Our Altar Servers are currently being trained by Tom Hannon. If you would like to help with this training process, please feel free to give us a call at 468-7848.


Sacristan at Mass

A Sacristan is a person scheduled to make all the preparations for a particular Liturgy. They open and lock up church; turn on lights and sound system; prepare all the vessels; make sure there are enough ministers; and so on.

If you would be interested in helping in this ministry, please call the Parish Office at 468-7848.