Altar Society

St. Philip's Altar Society is open to all ladies of the Parish. The purpose of this society is to supply and maintain the liturgical needs of our parish... which includes hosts and wine, the purchase and repair of any altar cloths and vestments etc... and in order to raise money we have sponsored an annual Rummage Sale and Christmas Bake Sale for the past several years.

We have approximately 80 ladies in our society, 22 of which are now honorary members... and it is very important that we get the younger members of our parish interested in our group. We encourage you to get involved in our events to keep the lines of communication open between the younger and older ladies of our parish. In other words, we older ladies enjoy working with you younger gals ... and it makes us feel younger!

We also have a couple official gatherings during the year to keep us connected. We have a potluck dinner and an early after Mass breakfast... and we're a great group to get to know! Call the Parish Office for more information at (920) 468-7848.