Friends of Haiti

St Philip's involvement in helping the people of Haiti goes back to Fr Larry Canavera. He connected our parish with St. Anne's Parish in Thomazeau, which became our "Sister Parish"... and we've been working with them ever since.

Fr Larry's first medical mission to St. Anne's Parish was in March of 2001. The Parish helped by collecting medicines and supplies, and the kids ran a "Dimes & Toothbrushes for Haiti" campaign. Everyone wanted to do their part.

Today the people of St Philip Parish continue to help the people of Haiti.

  • We have a group that meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month to make greeting cards (proceeds of which go to Haiti).  Alternate times are available, please contact Sr. Helen at our Parish Office (920) 468-7848.
  • Greeting cards available for purchase ($1/each) in St. Philip Parish Office and in the back of church
  • We repackage pills when needed to prepare for medical missions
  • We collect used eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Unused prescription meds to pass along
  • We collect the pull tabs from aluminum beverage cans 

Since the devastating earthquake we have stepped up our support:

  • We had a special collection in church shortly after the disaster hit
  • We had several Concert Benefits that brought in over $2,000
  • We are collecting canes, walkers and crutches and Extra-strength generic Tylenol
  • And monetary donations keep coming in.....

To find out more about our Friends of Haiti Program or to see how you can help... call the Parish Office at 468-7848. Thanks!