Liturgical Environment


The Liturgical Environment Committee is a standing committee that is dedicated to creating an interior/exterior environment for St. Philip the Apostle Parish that follows Diocesan guidelines for seasonal décor and worship.


The overall purpose of the Liturgical Environment Committee is to promote a team environment which combines spiritual and liturgically accurate décor to enhance the prayer experience of the community within the walls of St. Philip the Apostle Church. 

Volunteers work together during the various seasons of the Church to change décor for the interior/exterior worship space.   The committee follows the guidelines set by the Diocese of Green Bay’s Worship and Sacramental Department.


One of the most important qualities of a committee member is to recognize oneself as a servant of the community.  God sets the banquet table, inviting one and all.  In this context the role of the committee members is to serve the body of Christ, not their own decorative needs or wants. 

Not only does one person possess all the necessary gifts, but the body as a whole is strengthened by each person’s skills and vision.  Working together, the committee dedicates itself to the spiritual needs of the parish.

Members of this committee take pride in the appearance of the interior/exterior worship space of St. Philip the Apostle Church. 

How Does One Become a Committee Member?

You may join us at any time by calling the Parish Office – (920) 468-7848.

Length of Commitment:

Usually 12 months, which encompasses a full liturgical church year

Meeting Times:

As needed, prior to liturgical seasons