Finance Council

Purpose and Nature:

To assist the pastor in the wise stewardship of the material gifts entrusted by God to the Parish in support of the mission of the parish and broader Church.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the accounting system for the parish and the keeping of financial records
  • Oversee the creation of an annual budget in accord with the mission, goals, priorities and plans as recommended by the Pastoral Council
  • Periodic analysis of income and expenditures; and an annual financial report made to parishioners
  • Help coordinate revenue enhancement; fundraising; and asset management
  • Oversee property management and safekeeping through building and grounds; building and renovation; inventory of goods, insurances; requests for proxies; and labor practices


Members should have some expertise in areas such as: business, accounting, administration, the law, insurance, personnel, facility maintenance and management, as well as represent a cross section of the parish community

How do you become a committee member:   

Sign up during our Annual Call to Stewardship Campaign; contact a committee member with an interest to attend an orientation meeting; or call the Parish Office (920) 468-7848.

Length of Commitment:  usually a 3-year term


Meetings:  Generally evening meetings, often monthly from September - May.  The Finance Council sometimes meets jointly with the Parish Pastoral Council.