Parish Pastoral Council


Listen and respond to the Spirit of God

The council with the pastor and input from staff members, prayerfully consider what the Spirit of God is calling the parish to be and become.

Organize lay participation and cooperation

The council provides the means whereby lay members of the parish, respond to their baptismal commitment and work closely with the pastor, staff, committees and parish organizations for the common good and mission of the parish.

Facilitate shared practical wisdom

In dialogue, members of the council and the pastor come to an understanding of the spiritual as well as physical concerns and needs of the people of the parish and broader community. The council assists the pastor in the development of parish policies and strategies to address those concerns and needs.

Do Parish planning

The council, along with the staff and involvement of all members of the parish community, works with the pastor to do parish planning. This includes the formulation of a parish mission statement, the assessment of needs annually, the establishment of parish goals and priorities.


Members should be committed to the mission of the church and have a concern for the good of the whole parish. They should have time available, be persons of faith, hope, and love, confirmed, practicing Catholics, in good standing with the church and members of the parish

How do you become a committee member:   Sign up during our Annual Call to Stewardship Campaign; contact a committee member with an interest to attend an orientation meeting; or call the Parish Office (468-7848).

Length of Commitment:  usually a 3-year term


Meetings:  Generally evening meetings, often monthly from September - May.  The Parish Pastoral Council sometimes meets jointly with the Finance Council.